It is not for us to make children learn how we teach but for us to teach how they learn – "Gary Reid"


“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin

This is the way I feel towards Perfect Speech approach to my son’s speech delay.  I have been involved in the process in which my child has been learning to communicate.  Danny, my 3 year old son, started 6 weeks ago and in the first few therapy sessions he has done a mayor improvement thanks to God.  He came in to Dr. Reid’s office with a few phrases and vocabulary words.  Dr. Reid has not only taught Danny but has given us as parent’s tools to improve and continue with his therapy at home.  It is indescribable the feeling when you hear and see your child say new words each week.  Thank you to All the staff in Perfect Speech.

Sandra DL.

Dr. Lydia Reid is an exceptional speech and language pathologist. When she began treatment with our three year old son, he was only speaking vowel sounds. Remarkably, within six months, our son had almost perfect speech. Essentially, Dr. Reid connected with our son in a way that no other speech therapist could, and we credit her with our son’s great success. Dr. Reid possesses inspiring energy and enthusiasm that facilitate the learning process. She is hard working, dedicated to her patients, and highly skilled. We will forever be grateful to Dr. Reid for all that she accomplished with our son.

Jennifer E.

I have immeasurable respect for Dr Lydia Reid as a speech language pathologist. She is the very best therapist that we have found anywhere. My son Darius, now 16 was born premature. As a result of this, he has cerebral palsy (uses a wheel chair-does not walk independently, does not use his arms independently, does not sit up independently unless he is in his wheelchair with support, vision is week…..).  When Darius started coming to Dr. Reid 1 year ago for intensive speech therapy, he did not have full head control, did not say speech sounds, and did not eat solid food, everything was feed to him pureed. He is now starting to hold his head up when seated in an upright position for at least 10 sec. He has gone from barely being able to make a sound to now being able to approximate sounds and a few words. He has gone from not being able to use his lips to drink liquids from a straw or cup to now drinking from a straw or cup by using his lips. He has gone from eating only pureed foods to now eating chicken, vegetables, and fruits. Dr. Reid is now working on him using a communication device to help him talk by using his vision and arms to look at the I-pad and choose an object to request.

Dr. Reid is a superb therapist that I would highly recommend to anyone, I have never met anyone like her with all my years of doing therapy with my Son. She treats every child as an individual and understands that no two people are the same. She takes the time to get to know your child, his or hers challenges, and his or hers goal. She will do everything in their power to help.

Sabrina J. , Dareus’ mom

(Please find attached a video of my son doing therapy with Dr. Reid)

“May Darius Rest In Peace”  8/20/1995 to 2/18/13

Dr. Lydia Reid is more than just a speech therapist for us. Through our time with her she was not only a trusted advisor, but also became a good friend. When you are working hard to help your child overcome an issue, great or small, having a person truly looking out for your child’s best interest is a blessing.

We saw noticeable changes in our son after just a few months of working with Dr. Reid. She “trained” us as well and supplied us with the tools we needed to work with him at home in between sessions. She always took the time to discuss his progress and new goals with us. Her evaluations were always professionally written and delivered.

Nothing made me happier than my son asking me, “Are we going to Dr. Reid’s office today?” He always looked forward to his time there. She made the sessions fun and incorporated themes and toys that he was particularly interested in at the time.

We gladly referred two families to her practice and both could not have been happier with the improvements seen in their children. We will do so again and are happy to discuss further with any parent interested. Please check with Dr. Reid for our  information feel free to contact us.

The Cuervo Family

Our six year old son has severe Apraxia of Speech and has been coming to Dr. Lydia Reid for speech therapy for a year now.  She is an amazing Speech Pathologist and our son has improved dramatically.  Before, he came to here, he could barely make any sounds and we we’re so discouraged.  Now, he is talking so much and people are starting to understand him!  We can hardly believe it and we are so excited.  We are so grateful to God that we found Dr. Reid.  Her knowledge, dedication, and techniques are incredible and have finally given our son a voice.  We only wish we would have found her sooner.


The Mendez Family

Tavernier, FL

The language we are born into comes naturally to most, but for our daughter, this has been her greatest challenge, and a lesson in patience for us, her parents.

When we first met Dr. Lydia Reid, our daughter had been diagnosed with Cognitive and Development delay. This diagnosis came from her neurologist.  We always believed there was more to her disability, but not being medically inclined, we could not figure out what it was.  Dr. Reid evaluated her, and told us, yes she had the above condition, but she also appeared to have Apraixa.  This was a condition that had not been mentioned to us before.

Immediately Dr. Reid researched the best possible approach to help our daughter with this newly known condition, always adapting to different programs according to her needs; always keeping us, the parents, informed of program changes.

We observed how Dr. Reid interacted with our daughter, and saw the immediate bond between the two.  She always looks forward to Dr. Reid sessions, which Dr. Reid kept both educational and fun, while developing her speech.

We also enjoyed meeting with Dr. Reid. Her pleasant attitude and welcoming manner is very comforting.  She exhibits a high level of knowledge and compassion in her field, constantly educating us, which helps us better understand our daughter.

After just a few sessions of Dr. Reid’s therapy we notice that our daughter was making steady improvements, not just in speech but with her academics, retaining information, interaction with other children and other small but critical areas.  When Dr. Reid opened one door, so to speak, we noticed several aspects of change in our child, good changes.  Even her confidence level soared; much less frighten to try something new, for fear of failing.

I cannot imagine what would have happened if Dr. Reid hadn’t come into our lives.  She has been a positive influence on our daughter; this has helped us have a better prospective on our child’s future; and as a family.

Dr. Lydia Reid is a pillar to our community. With children being born with disabilities growing, we need more people like her. Dr. Reid is compassionate and devoted to helping our children, so they will not be left behind.

Thank you Dr. Reid, you’ve given us extra faith, keep up the good work.

God bless.

(The Lassiter Family)

To Whom It May Concern:

When we first came to Dr. Reid my son had just turned 4 yrs old.  He had been in therapy for a speech delay for about 10 months however I did not see significant progress.  His pre-k teacher noticed Elias was not at the same level as the other children in the class and told me if I did not get him help he would be placed in special education when entering kindergarten.

Dr. Reid asked my husband and me many questions and then she assessed Elias using type of testing she felt was most adequate for him.  She diagnosed Elias with auditory processing disorder and she explained that was the root cause for his speech delay.  We began therapy immediately and I began to see improvement within the first month.  Dr. Reid was amazing with my son; he was drawn to her upbeat and cheerful personality.  She made the therapy fun for him and at the same time educational and rewarding.  She also gave me the tools and knowledge to reinforce the therapy and continue to make progress at home.  Thanks to Dr. Reid, Elias successfully completed kindergarten.  Elias is now eight and going to 3rd grade.  I have contacted Dr. Reid when I have had a question or concern and she has always been there to provide her guidance and assistance.  I consider Dr. Reid as exceptional therapist.  She is knowledgeable, caring and quite competent in what she does.  She was a blessing to my son and we will always be thankful for her.


The Rolon Family

To: Dr. Lydia Reid SLPD

Dr. Reid, I am taking this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff.  About 6 months ago we went to you with our daughter April.  My daughter today is a little parrot he-he-he thanks to you and your staff.  Again you have done a wonderful job in such short time.  I will gladly recommend Perfect Speech to others in the future.  Dr. Lydia Reid keep doing an excellent job with other families.

God Bless

From the Abreu Family

Before my daughter started Speech therapy with Dr.Reid, she was completely unaware of the world her, the only word she knew was bubble, she could only scream and cry. After a few months of working with her, my daughter can now tell me her wants, say I love you and goodnight and is a completely different child. She’s starting to take notice of the people in her life and the world around her. She knows her ABC’s and can count to 30. The staff at Perfect Speech is incredibly professional and caring, they make you feel like family and take a personal interest in each and every child. Dr. Reid has done more for my daughter and I then I can put into words, I’m truly thankful for her and Perfect Speech.


Dagnier B.