It is not for us to make children learn how we teach but for us to teach how they learn – "Gary Reid"

Therapy Services

Speech and language therapy includes articulation, phonological, motor speech, orofacial myofunctional “tongue thrust”, and oral motor and feeding (sucking, swallowing, chewing, respiration) therapy to ensure adequate movements of the oral motor musculature for speech. Voice, stuttering/fluency, early language, traditional language therapy, pragmatic/social skills, and cognitive training. Augmentative/alternative communication.

Occupational therapy addresses the areas of hand and fine motor control, activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, handwriting, etc.), visual perceptual skills, and the integration of sensation for function and adaptive use. Modalities used may include kinetic activities, fine motor coordination, developmental stimulation, sensory integration, and adaptive aids.

Physical therapy seeks to preserve or enhance a person’s motor performance especially in the areas of functional mobility and posture, and to prevent further movement problems and physical disabilities. Modalities used may include therapeutic exercise, joint mobility, enhance posture and balance, muscle strength, endurance, and motor planning.

Behavioral therapy A treatment method of teaching skills to children, in particular those with autism, that relies on managing rewards to reinforce the use of language, social behaviors, and the decrease of repetitive or inappropriate behaviors.