It is not for us to make children learn how we teach but for us to teach how they learn – "Gary Reid"

Articulation Program

The SmartPalate System
Is a device that speech-language pathologists have their client/patient use in order to track where the tongue is during speech production using three unique components that work together seamlessly to bring the powerful visual feedback to system users.

Palate images

  1. The PalateView Software coordinates the SmartPalate and DataLink functions to produce real-time visual feedback on the computer screen for all users to see.
  2. A microprocessor I/O device, called the DataLink, is worn by the user or placed on the desktop and connects the SmartPalate to the personal computer.
  3. A custom-fit SmartPalate is worn inside the mouth by the client and/or clinician to sense all tongue-to-palate contacts and lip closure contacts.

“Most persistent articulation problems have been resolved in as few as 20 sessions, even if these articulation problems have persisted after years of traditional speech therapy techniques.”  

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We work in conjunction with our orthodontist and dentist to create a stone model for the SmartPalate product:
Dr. Samira Alempour DMD